Heat Exchangers

Type BCF, tube and shell heat exchanger

The BCF heat exchanger is a compact fixed tube unit. The heat transfer surface ranges from 0.11 to 11,45 m². 19 pre-engineered basic models are available in sheel side baffle spacing "O" (close version) and "W" (wide version) and 1,2 or 4 number of passes tubeside.

Type TPL, compact plate cooler

The TPL plate cooler is constructed in a stainless steel plates. Surrounding turbulence plates with a high thermodynamic efficiency.

The cooler is copper-soldered at high temperatures under vacuum, which results in a compact, effective and economic heat exchanger.

Type GPL, compact plate cooler

The GPL plate heat exchanger consist of optimally profiled, stainless steel plates. The plates are stacked alternately into a unit and copper-soldered at a high temperature under a vacuum unit.

The result is a compact, low-priced unit.

Type FP, screwed plate cooler

The FP plate cooler consist of profiled plates which are provided with sealing gaskets.

The plate package is mounted in a rack consisting of a fixed plate, a loose pressure plate and a number of clamping and support bolts. After the plates have been combined, they will become two separate canal systems which allow the media to pass the heat exchanger with a powerful turbulent counter-flow.

The highly developed profiled plates makes it possible for the FP heat exchanger to be adapted to many types of working situations. Separation and cleaning is possible, and the FP heat exchangers can therefore also be used with slightly polluted media.


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